Writing Your Professional Profile – 7 Tips to Creating a Polished Professional Profile

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Having a professional profile is an absolute must for anyone who runs a business. While a professional profile is similar to a biography, it is different.

How To Write A Great Online Profile

However this article isn’t about the differences. I will touch on that briefly later in this article. This is mainly about writing your professional profile.

A professional profile can open up doors to many opportunities. It’s a way to present your qualifications, experience and skill in such a way that can attract potential clients.

You’re also showing by writing a professional profile how well you can present your business.

Your business will come across as professional and well-polished based on how well you present yourself in writing a professional profile.

    • Before you begin to write your profile, write down a short outline showing your personal qualifications and your business accomplishments.Be precise and specific towards
    • your professional life. Be sure to include everything that shows off the professionalism of your company and yourself.
    • Use strong, descriptive words. You want the final profile to be short yet powerful. You’re looking to grab the readers attention so make it strong and definitive.
    • As you sit and write your profile, you’ll want to include a brief mention of the type of clients you work with, as many clients like to know who else they may be dealing as well as you.
    • Include any awards or recognitions you or your business may have received. Credential such as these signify to others the high quality of your work. You’ll also want to make sure you include any associations you may belong to for these connections can go a long way in establishing credibility.
    • Writing a company profile is similar to writing a personal profile in that you have to make sure you spell out the facts for the readers. If you hold a certification in a particular field, don’t assume that the reader will know what that acronym stands for. Spell it out so your readers are clear as to what you are qualified in. The whole purpose in writing a professional profile is to gain more contact, associations and clients so be clear and precise.
    • If your writing skills aren’t the best, it’s okay, I promise. I tell my clients it is best to write it in your own words, coming from your heart. You know your business better than anyone else and no one is going to describe it better than you.
    • Once you have the rough draft done, take a second look at it. Take out anything you feel isn’t imperative for your reader to know, spice up any parts that are lacking and read it one more time. Once you are at this point, it’s a perfect time to have it proofread and edited either by a reliable friend or colleague or a professional writer.

If your writing skills are lacking, this is the most important step. A professional writer will be able to edit your professional profile so it is flowing correctly, the spelling and grammar are correct, yet maintain your feelings and voice.

Once your professional profile is complete and polished, you have a well tuned marketing tool on your hands. Use your professional profile anytime you want to let people know who you are and what you do.

Remember there are differences between a professional profile and a biography.  While similar, a professional profile is much more current while a biography is more of a history.

You want to let your potential clients know who you are today, not ten years ago. Concentrate on the current rather than the past as you write your professional profile.

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