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The Secret Of Real Estate Postcard Marketing

By Anthony Dase

What makes realtor postcards leads so powerful?

One word: “unsolicited”. Those FSBO newspaper and online leads are getting bombarded by agents everyday, these leads are shopping for the lowest rate, and those agents are dropping their commissions below what is acceptable. When you generate your own postcard leads they are exclusive, meaning other agents are out of the loop and you’ll have bargaining position. Sign exclusive listing agreements because you are well known, liked, and trusted. NOT because your rate is the lowest in town.

Those that use postcards to maintain high visibility with their prospects, from useful insider reports, animal postcards, holidays & seasons, customized real estate marketing post cards can leave positive and long-lasting impressions about you and your brokerage at very affordable prices that will yield a great return on investment.

Why are real estate postcards highly effective?

1. They’re Affordable – Using real estate postcards to repeat contact with prospects is key to branding your identity, and gaining your prospects trust. You want buyers and sellers to always think of you first when they’re ready to make a real estate deal. A series of real estate marketing post cards will do just that for you at a very affordable rate compared to other mediums.

2. It’s simple! – It takes little time to reach thousands of prospects via real estate post card marketing thanks to multiple vendors offering turnkey real estate postcard marketing solutions.

Use just listed postcards and just sold postcards to announce your most recent sale or listing! Actions speak louder then words! Even if your listing never sells due to your postcards you’ll be surprised how many leads you can generate with this technique!

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You should mail your postcards once a month and remember your postcards should be interesting enough that your prospects look forward to receiving them.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend time or energy designing and printing your own post cards. There are several companies that produce impressive Real Estate Postcards; ready for addressing and mailing. There are even vendors that will print, design, provide the list, address, and mail them out for you! One company is, their postcards are near deadly effective.

Even if you’re a do it yourself type and like the idea of owning software such as photoshop/adobe to design your own you can’t go wrong with ready made ones. The trick is to keep your name in front of your farm area consistently enough so they begin you remember and trust your name! You should be taking advantage of every opportunity to brand yourself. With real estate post card marketing you can do just that.

Think of your real estate marketing postcards like an extra-large Business Card. The key is to include information that makes it easy for someone to get in touch with you, such as website, email, mobile phone, office, etc…

Don’t forget your “call-to-action” one of the most important factors of real estate postcard marketing is getting your prospects to response immediately to your offer. Some examples are: “Call today for more information” or “See us online” are two of the most common desired actions. This again may sound too simple to point out, but believe me – I have seen postcards with no call to action.

Start sending your Realtor postcards once a month!

Get ready for some new leads. You’ll get buyers and sellers interested! Can you see how this can increase your listings and sales? Don’t forget consistency is key! Once a month you need to mail your prospects, think about how many times your wife needs to ask you to throw our the trash or how many times you ask your husband? Like any other type of advertising/marketing Its not a 1-shot 1-kill deal. The more frequent your postcards the better your results will be.

Anthony Dase spent 10 years helping real estate agents like you, find new customers and increase their listings/sales with real estate postcard marketing. He has designed over 300 real estate postcards for top-producing realtors nationwide. His realtor postcards can be found at


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