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Instagram Is Simple And Can Help You Grow Your Real Estate Business

Instagram Helps Promote Your Real Estate BlogSocial media has transformed the world of marketing, making it easier than ever to share services and products with a worldwide audience. With the dawn of social media marketing comes an increase in competition between different businesses –who has the most Facebook likes or who has more followers on Twitter.

Although competition is healthy for the business world, finding an edge to set you above competitors can be difficult. With the use of the Facebook-owned photo app Instagram, your real estate business can reach a different audience and stand out from others.

Simple Is Good….Right?

The beauty of Instagram is its simplicity: taking a photo, adding a vintage filter and sharing the photo with your friends. With 130 million active monthly users and 1 billion daily likes, gaining popularity on Instagram can work wonders for your real estate business.

Taking photos of properties and buildings is a very important part of real estate, so using Instagram is already incorporated into the job.

That step is easy, but how can your real-estate business obtain a strong following?

Linking your Instagram to your Facebook page is essential. This will allow your Facebook followers to see your Instagram photos, encouraging them to like you on Instagram as well.

Plus, you can tie them into your blog as well.  Getting pictures for your real estate blog content can sometimes be difficult.  But why not multi-purpose your Instagram pictures to bring a more personal flair to your real estate blog website?

And what the heck is a #hashtag?

Employing hashtags will help people find you more easily on Facebook (through the Instagram photos that you post to your page) and on Instagram. These started on Twitter and have now been carried over to Facebook due to their popularity.

Use the # sign before a word or string of words to create a hashtag.  These create searchable terms for people to find related content.

This is a chance for you to be creative and even create your own hashtag specific to your business. Examples of this could be as simple as “#brownrealestate” or as complex as “#thebestpropertiesintexas.”

Whatever your specific niche is, be sure to try to incorporate it into hashtags. You should also hashtag the town or city of the property and the specific features of the property.

This lets users who aren’t specifically looking for real estate stumble across your photos.

Did you know you can also use video with Instagram?

The newest and most exciting feature of Instagram is the ability to capture video. These videos can be great for showing off multiple features of a property (different rooms, indoor/outdoor views, etc.)

The ability to show different shots in the same video can be especially useful, allowing you to organize all the details of one property into one clean, beautiful video. Showing off your properties has never been easier.

Social media has taken the world by storm and it is important that your real estate business is up-to-date with current trends.

Because Instagram video is such a new feature, getting on the bandwagon before others can really help you get more leads and increase your popularity.

If you want to make a positive change in your real estate business through social media, contact us today.

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