5 Questions to Consider for FREE or Low-Cost Publicity

By Katrina Sawa

1. Where do you go to get publicity?


  • Media, all local newspapers, magazines, trade magazines,
    business publications and local radio and television
    stations if you are doing something that involves a
    non-profit or charity as they normally only care about
    publicizing public service announcements.
  • Your chamber of commerce or other organizations you
    belong to.
  • Your clients and referral sources – Visitor’s centers,
    Community centers, Senior centers, Neighborhood or Merchant

2. Who specifically do you talk to?

  • Publication editors or assistant editors, television and
    radio producers of specific shows.
  • Chamber membership coordinators, newsletter staff or
    editors, managers, etc.

3. How can you co-promote for more exposure and reduced costs?

  • Go in with other small businesses that compliment your
    business on advertising, chamber inserts, ads or inserts in
    papers, direct mail pieces, door to door flyers, etc.
  • Send recommendation letters for each other to your
    individual databases
  • Collaborate on someone else’s monthly newsletter (mailed
    or emailed)
  • Offer discounts or free gift certificates to each others
  • Display your brochures at their office and vice versa
  • Offer to give your services to businesses for them to
    promote as gifts to their clients
  • Offer referral fees and/or discounts an promote them to
    your referral sources and make sure to pay them promptly
    and/or give gifts to those who refer to you ‘be creative
  • Use reciprocal website links and have an “I recommend
    these businesses” page – Create ways for referral sources
    to use your products/services in their promotions as trade
    for exposure

4. What can you donate to whom for added exposure?

  • When giving a gift for raffle or donation, DO NOT GIVE A
    DISCOUNT OFF YOUR SERVICES, it needs to be a FREE, no
    strings gift or it isn’t a gift
  • Donate your product and/or services to raffles, charity
    event auctions, giveaways, etc. Include your card,
    brochure, etc. Try to follow up with the winners if
  • Write articles about a subject matter you are
    knowledgeable in and offer them free to other people’s
    electronic newsletters and online publications, in return
    for an identifier paragraph that links to your own website.

5. Where can you volunteer or sponsor for more exposure?

  • Volunteer for events that can get you free exposure by
    receiving in exchange booths, advertising, free publicity,
    sponsor rights, exposure, etc. and then build relationships
    with other volunteers in hopes for them becoming referral
  • Offer to speak at chamber and other organization events
    and meetings, especially those that have members in your
    target market. Build outlines and topics that are relevant.

About the Author:
Copyright 2008 K.Sawa Marketing
Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Relationship Marketing
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